Try ceremonial grade Matcha green tea

Good morning ..

How do you like to kick start your mornings? I mean apart from pressing the snooze button.
Ice cold shower? Meditation? Coffee in bed?

The latter may seem a good idea at first but the consumption of caffeine can have nasty side affects on various parts of the bodily system. It can make you irritable, anxious and even more sensitive to pain. It can cause stomach upset, muscle tremors and .. the list continuous.

As far as caffeinated coffee goes I’ll have an espresso shot in my protein shake once in a while before hitting the gym. Excellent to increase performance. During the day I stick to decaf coffee. The smell is the same and no nasty side effects.

If you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake try ceremonial grade (the highest grade) Matcha green tea instead. If you’re a lover of the actual coffee taste rather than caffeine, go for a nice decaf brand.

I usually aim for 1-2 cups of Matcha tea in the morning. Matcha green tea contains powerful antioxidants, one of them epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC) which has been linked to cancer prevention, heart and brain health as well as weight management. One cup of Matcha has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea. Going back to caffeine, even though espresso provides roughly twice as much caffeine as Matcha, the tea’s effect lasts longer. Reason are the amino acids  and L-Theanin contained in Matcha which slows the release of caffeine.

My personal favourites are Matcha Lattes with either oat or coconut milk. A milk frother helps dissolving the powder much quicker than the traditional way – at least for me. Enjoy